COVID-19 Infection Prevention Policy

Dr. Waroich's Infection Precaution Policy

In a COVID-19 Environment


Please note, our office is currently physically closed. We are open for telephone/video consultations only.

         In order to keep you and our community safe in the setting of the recent COVID-19 outbreaks, we have added to our usual and already-in-place infection control measures.

A)    We have added medical grade air treatments throughout our office, a UVC treatment in newly unoccupied spaces, increased waiting room and reception area wipe downs for every contact with patient, delivery personnel, or restricted visitor. We still employ the foundational usual barriers and surface decontamination in treatment rooms, sterilizing area, and lab, but have added treatment specific high volume suction devices, intra and extra orally, along with the UVC and air scrubber devices.

B)    Once our office reopens, we will actively screen all staff and patients, and later visitors, for recent illness. This is of particular importance in dental offices due the nature of procedures we perform on the mouth, which can generate aerosols. We ask that you consider the following screening questions when you are able to make a physical appointment with us. 

  1.  Have you been sick with a respiratory illness symptom (any of the following: fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, etc.) at any time within the last 14 days?     
  2.  Have you had any contact with a person with known or suspected COVID-19 at any time within the last 14 days? Contact would mean: being in the same room, other enclosed area as someone with known or suspected COVID-19, or ever being approximately within 6 feet/2 meters of them.     
  3. Have you traveled to a geographic area affected by COVID-19 at any time within the last 14 days? Areas of concern are now defined by WHO as all countries/areas reporting local transmissions of COVI-19,  

C)    Communication is essential, so please update your contact information - email, cell #, home #, address. It is very helpful if you state your first preference for how to contact you, but make sure we have backup contact ways too. You may leave this information by email, through the secure web portal, or a clearly enunciated message on our office phone. 

D)    We will resume the waiting room and checkout area wipe downs for every contact with patient and visitors.

E)    Additional infection prevention supplies are in the waiting room.   

 *  If you answered YES to any of the 3 questions above, please call our office so that we can make special arrangements for your care. Below are the general precautions we will be taking for any patient who screens positive. Though some non-emergency treatments may need to be rescheduled due to these precautions, any emergency needs will always be cared for. We thank you for helping us in these public health efforts.

Anyone who answered YES to Question 1 only: Sick + No COVID-19 Exposure:

• Due to your symptoms, we normally would reschedule your dental appointment for 24 hrs after your symptoms resolve. We strongly feel you should seek the advice of your physician given that a COVID-19 outbreak is a current concern. Because of the nature of dental procedures, please provide a medical note if you seek medical care prior to your appointment stating that you have been evaluated for your symptoms and are not suspected to have COVID-19. If you are unable to do so we may need to reschedule your appointment for at least 14 days after your last symptoms.

Anyone who answered YES to Questions 1 and Question 2 or 3: Sick and COVID-19 Exposure:

• Due to your symptoms and recent contacts/travel, we will need to reschedule your dental appointment. If you have not already done so, you should contact your physician or seek medical care immediately as you will need to be evaluated for possible COVID-19 as per CDC and Public Health guidelines. You will need to provide a medical note prior to your rescheduled appointment stating the following: that you have been evaluated for COVID-19, the results of this testing, that it is safe to undergo aerosol generating procedures under standard, non-COVID-19 isolation precautions, and proof of clearance of the virus if you tested positive initially.

Anyone who answered YES to Question 2 or 3 only: COVID-19 Exposure + Not Sick Currently:

• Due to your recent contacts/travel, we will need to reschedule your dental appointment for 14 days after the time of your last possible COVID-19 contact or travel. We advise you to make your physician aware of your recent contact or travel as they may recommend that you monitor yourself closely for symptoms over the next 14 days. If you do develop any fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, or shortness of breath within this time period, contact your physician immediately as you should be evaluated for possible COVID-19 as per the CDC's guidelines. Please also contact our office again if this occurs, as your appointment may need to be rescheduled.

Did you answer YES to any of the 3 questions and you are concerned that you need emergency care?

We are here to help. Please call the office 202-296-8020 to discuss how we will care for you.

Contributing Author: Dr. Jozal Waroich, MD


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